Free IP Camera Viewer Apps for iPhone and iPad

I use two different iPhone IP camera viewer apps: CamViewer and Netcamviewer These are both free and offer basic functions with some advanced functions being offered as in-app purchases. Both are fairly easy to setup as long as you already have your IP camera setup for viewing outside your home network with proper  routing, IP address configurations, passwords, and a dynamic IP service for your home network.

CamViewer supports viewing a single camera at a time, and offers pan and tilt controls that works with my Hootoo Pan and Tilt IP Camera (HP-IP210F) and probably other Similar IP Cameras with the same control protocol. However, the Left/Right controls are reversed, but that is a shortcoming that hasn't caused too much trouble.  It also offers a data counter when viweing if concerned about your data usage. It also offers IO switch support and preset positions. You can setup at least two cameras (I am not sure if the free version supports more.) but it does not support a multi-camera view.
     In App Purchase Add-On: Audio support

Netcamviewer supports a multi-camera viewer, but the free version only supports two cameras. It does not support any motion, so would probably be my choice if I only had stationary cameras.
     In App Purchase Add-On: Unlimited cameras

These apps also work for iPad and the multiview is especially nice for keeping an eye on the kids while they are in another room or outside. Between the two apps, and until I add more cameras, these seem to offer all of the functionality that I need at no cost and enable me to view and manipulate my IP Cameras when away from home. 

When I am not watching my cameras I rely on motion detection to record activity. See Motion Detection on a HooToo Indoor (HP-IP210F) and Similar IP Cameras for more on that. 

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