I have always been interested in equipment, being prepared, and doing more with what I had available. I have taken apart, modified, and repaired a number of mechanical and electronic devices. I started this blog to share the things I have learned and show you some of the unique things I have been able to do with them. For any unique solution that I have come up with for a problem, I will try to post it in detail in order to allow you to replicate it.

If you have any comments, or other feedback feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of each post.

In the interests of full disclosure, there are affiliate links to products on this site that will generate income for me. I also recommend and link to several things that I am not an affiliate or getting paid for. Although I would like to generate some income from this site, I try to write articles that provide accurate and useful (or at least semi-entertaining) information first. Even if you don't buy something through my site, I hope you at least learn about something that can help you make your life easier or more fun.

Thank you for visiting.

Eric Spurgeon

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