12 Volt Power in the Sky

I knew that some airplanes had power ports, but always assumed that if the airplane was equipped with them that they would be readily accessible and located in near the seat controls. This is not the case. Power outlets on airplanes are under the seat. I have never known where they were and always assumed they weren't available on my flights. For years I have been trying to plan my power usage and charge the batteries right before the flight and use my devices sparingly. On small local planes power isn't always available, but then isn't really necessary for short flights. International and other larger aircraft and longer flights usually have power outlets, but not always at every row. Sometimes they are in every row, it depends on the plane and the configuration that the airline ordered.

Go to seatguru.com next time before selecting your seat to see where the power ports are located. If you don't manage to get a seat with a power outlet you could get a 12 foot extension cable and ask the seat owner to plug you in. You may also consider bringing a 12V splitter. If you have a device that uses USB power to charge you could pickup a Bracketron Mini USB adapter, which supports iPhones as well as iPads and other higher current devices, since it offers a 2.1 Amp usb outlet. If you need 120V power, I use one of these Black and Decker 100 Watt Inverters to charge other devices like my camera batteries. Now, I am not sure how much power you can consume before you start blowing fuses, tripping circuit breakers, or taking the plane down, so be careful.

So, now you don't need to buy the extra battery pack for your digital device. But if you are ever in other situations where you find that you are running out of power the Boost case and battery pack is a good one that nearly doubles your battery capacity (for iPhone).

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