Jabra 510 Speakerphone

 I really like the Jabra 510 speakerphone. We got a few at work several years ago to use around the office in collaboration areas. When I started working from home, I brought one of them home. It was nice to not have to wear a headset all day on calls. I ended up buying another one for my personal own use. Even at work, we requested a (much more expensive) conference room speakerphone for our new open collaboration space and went back to the Jabra 510, because it had better performance. People could hear us better and the background noise was significantly reduced. So whether it is for a group in a collaboration area, a conference room, or just individual use, the Jabra 510 is a great, affordable option. 

Get a Jabra 510 from Amazon. Affiliate link. 

Maximizing Kroger Fuel Points

 Kroger Fuel Points Intro

After years of squandering my Kroger fuel points, I think I have finally cracked the code to maximizing and getting the most out of my Kroger fuel points.  First, you need to use your Kroger Fuel Points. This might seem obvious, but for years I neglected my fuel points and often let them expire because I didn't feel like I knew how to take advantage of this system. Next, we need to explore how to. Maximize the fuel points that you earn at Kroger. And, lastly, we will explore how to get the most of your fuel points at the pump. 

Understand that there is a system. And there is a way to maximize the value that you get from your Kroger Fuel points. But first, you need to commit to earning and using those points. The fact that you're here tells me that you want to learn how to do that. The basics of the system are that for every dollar you spend on groceries (or in-store purchases), you get one fuel point. For every 100 points you earn [Or $100 you spend on in-store purchases], you get $0.10 off at the Kroger fuel pump. Up to 1000 points you get a dollar off at the Kroger gas pump. In some markets, there are partnerships with other fuel stations to use your Kroger points. Not to mention that the Kroger card is required to get most of the advertised discount prices for groceries. If you're part of a family, this is going to be a team effort. Everyone needs to help manage the family finances and run this program properly. 

Earning Fuel Points 

Earning fuel points at the store. You earn fuel points by buying groceries at Kroger. I won't go into maximizing Kroger's sales, digital coupons, and minimum buy quantities to get the advertised prices. That can be explored in a different article on saving money on groceries. I will talk about how to get the most fuel points for your dollars. Currently, there is a 4X Fuel Points Friday digital coupon. Occasionally they offer 2x weekends Fri-Sun. You can use the Kroger mobile app to log in to your account and activate these coupon. (also available through Kroger’s website logged-in experience.) You should make a list of the groceries that you need, or at least most of them that you will need for the week, and make a plan to go get those groceries on Friday. If you make multiple trips to the store on Friday. For example, before work, you pick up a few items. You want to make sure that the digital coupon is NOT clipped because you can only use it once. So, click the digital coupon only right before checking out at Kroger with your big cart of groceries for the week. If you buy $250 worth of groceries for an average household and get 4X points you can earn 1000 fuel points, which is equivalent to a dollar off of gas. If you do this every week, you could potentially earn 4000 fuel points a month. This would enable you to take advantage of four dollar-off fuel transactions a month.  

So, scan your Kroger card or use your alternate ID (like your phone number) at every Kroger transaction. This not only gets you the advertised prices, but earns you fuel points at every transaction.  

There are other programs that I have not explored, like 4X points for gift cards, which may be a good option if you already spend money at some of these gift card places. There are bonus points and digital coupons for delivery and pickup orders. Most of these offers require digital coupon activation. I do not have experience with these or others that may exist but thought I would mention them. Feel free to explore these and other offers to see what you can take advantage of.  

Pumping Strategy 

Next, we'll talk about how to maximize the value of the pump. For every 100 fuel points, you can redeem them for 10 cents off of one purchase of up to 35 gallons of fuel. You can use up to 1000 points for $1 off of a single fuel purchase. The Kroger fuel discount applies to 1 transaction of up to 35 gallons, so the best way to maximize your value is to get 35 gallons of fuel when you use your points. As an example, if you have $1.00 off of 35 gallons, it saves you $35. Alternatively, if your discount is a dollar off and you only get 12 gallons (like that's all that your tank can hold). You only save $12.00. The remaining 23 gallons (and $23 off) go unused and disappears. The trick here is to go when your fuel tank is empty, in your vehicle with the largest tank (or at least the one that is the most empty). Maybe you always wondered why you saw couples getting gas together at the end of the month. Many people take multiple vehicles to fill up at the end of the month before points expire (again this may be a team effort). Another strategy is to take large red fuel cans that you can use for other equipment or just dump them in your vehicle later. Two 5-gallon tanks get you an additional 10 gallons and up to $10 of savings each time. You can decide if it is worth the hassle. I have gear that I use the red tanks for, so I need it anyway. [I like to rotate the fuel in those red tanks and use it within six months before they start to go bad.) Although I do use the red tanks occasionally, I know it can be a hassle, especially if don't want to make a special trip just to get gas. We have multiple vehicles and drivers at our house, and we don’t live far from the Kroger station, so we generally can get 35 gallons with two vehicles pretty easily. Sometimes we line up vehicles and park at one pump back-to-back so that we can fuel two vehicles without moving them, or if the station isn’t too busy, we may pull up on both sides of one pump and reach around.  

Using your fuel points on small quantity fuel purchases does not take full advantage of the discount, so never use your points on small fuel purchases unless they are about to expire or you have no additional fuel capacity.  

Any time you aren't using your big fuel discount, still scan your card, or enter your alternate ID and select the 3-cent fuel discount.  


You need to make sure that you use the fuel points at the pump before they expire because you have a one-month delay before those points roll off of your account. I like to use my points as early in the last month as possible so that I don't forget. You can earn and use points in the current month but, I prefer to build points and use them in the last month before they expire because you can continue to earn points in the current month to maximize your discount next month.  

Keeping Things Empty 

I also recommend trying to keep your vehicles and tanks empty leading up to your planned discount fuel day. Sometimes I will get just enough fuel to get me by the week leading up to our planned family fueling event.  

Get the App 

Use the Kroger App to activate digital coupons and keep track of your fuel reward points. If you don’t want the app your Kroger account can be managed via the logged-in customer experience at www.kroger.com.  

Hopefully, this article gave you what you were looking for, and enough information to plan your strategy for maximizing your Kroger fuel points.  

TLDR (Summary) 

  • Earn and use your points and have a plan (and make sure your family knows your plan) 
  • Use your Kroger card for all your Kroger purchases (earn fuel points and grocery discounts) 
  • Get the Kroger app or use the web site to activate multiplier digital coupons 
  • Take advantage of the 4x Friday multiplier and other multipliers or bonus offers 
  • Get 35 gallons (or as much as you can) at each discounted transaction to maximize your discount 
  • Use your regular 3-cent discount for other fuel purchases 

My New Favorite Security Cameras - Wansview

My go-to security cameras for my most recent implementations are the Wansview cameras. The price for each camera is anywhere around $29 to $49. I prefer the Wansview 1080P Pan & Tilt with 2-Way Audio and SD recording with motion alerts. I am currently running several Q3S cameras (both cloud and non-cloud versions). I started with non cloud. They require a pretty cumbersome setup using camera IDs and passwords need to be created. Sharing these cameras means that this info gets shared across all users. The motion detection is good overall, and I use the local SD card to record video for any motion. Video quality can be adjusted among the preset values to enhance the picture or save on bandwidth. Unfortunately the non-cloud version is hard to come by (except by sellers gouging the price for out of production items). 

The cloud version is very similar but has a few key differences. It requires a completely separate app than the non-cloud version. This is extremely annoying trying to add additional cameras to any site or if you are monitoring multiple sites. To date, I have not managed to add cloud cameras to the non-cloud platforms or vice-versa. However, if you run all cloud or all non-cloud they are both nice. The setup of the cloud version is a bit easier. Sharing is limited to 5 people and the recipients don't get the same privileges as the initial setup user. Each user is granted access through email and each user is required to create a unique login. I also use SD card recording on these but cloud services are available. Until recently SD recordings were only available on the same network (defeating the purpose of remote monitoring), but as of recently, that has been resolved. A 32gb card typically holds about one to four weeks of motion, depending on how much traffic they see.

Wansview also offers mobile app as well as apps for PC for both the cloud and non-cloud cameras. There are some quirks in each, but overall they are manageable. 

I have a few outdoor cameras, and for a long time they are actually installed inside. I almost prefer to mount indoor cameras in the window pointing outside for an outdoor view. Then I can pivot them inside if needed. Window mounting causes some issues with significant indoor reflections in dark outside conditions and the automatic infrared lights, so on some I disable the lights and box them in with cardboard. Recently, I had a need to mount two weatherproof cameras outside so swapped some around and pole-mounted the two outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras do not support micro SD recording but they do support 10 seconds of motion for two days without a subscription and the cloud recording subscription offers more. The PC app can record any cameras to the PC, but it doesn't seem to support motion only.