Free Stuff From Your Local Library (Not Just Books)

Of course your library has books. Now, don't get me wrong, the books are great. I check out all kinds of real estate, business, self-improvement books, and more. But libraries today can offer way more than just books. My library, and maybe yours, also offers e-books, e-magazines, audio books, DVD rentals (even new releases), music CD rentals, and even offers free music downloads (to keep). And it isn't just what your library has on its own shelves, you have access to the entire library system. Many libraries are part of a network of libraries that offer inter-library loans and transfers. I log onto my library's web site and reserve content from any other location on the network and it is delivered (when available) to my local branch where I pick it up. Our library system and many others additionally can offer content from outside the system depending on what external services the library subscribes to. For that stuff, I can even download to my devices without even ever stepping foot into the library itself (except when I originally got my card). Today I see that they have now added a learning center full of tutoring and test-prep services. Our library also usually has a calendar full of on-site activities for patrons of all ages. The weirdest thing my library offers is fishing poles, free to rent. Onsite they have computers, study rooms, conference rooms, and WIFI. So, if you don't have a library card, go get one and see what they have to offer. AND ITS ALL FREE! Support your local library!

MY LIBRARY: Central Arkansas Library System - Maumelle, AR - 

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