Perk Street Redeems Itself and Clears Dave

After almost a year after Perk Street cancelled all perks points (see perk-street-closes-and-cancels-perks), and closed for business, I received a check from them for the full amount of my perks with no discount rate. I was very impressed. Had I cashed them out while they were still in business, I would have had to cash them out at a 10% discount rate. For a long time I was disappointed in Dave Ramsey for recommending Perk Street to me in the first place, especially since I had in turn recommended it myself (see interest-bearing-internet-banking-and-a-cash-back-debit-card). I was a little more disappointed in Dave, assuming that he had at least been paid for his repeated endorsements on his radio show (or at least his podcast).  But I knew it wasn't Dave's fault, or even Perk Street employee's fault that the business had to close down. I even understood that they had other obligations to their employees and possibly others. But in the end, I am reassured that Perk Street employees did what they could to keep their word with their customers (even though they had long since closed their doors) and that Dave chooses to partner with people and companies that have a strong moral compass and business ethic.

Thanks Dave and thanks Perk Street team! 

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